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At ETVC, we treat the whole problem, not just a piece of it. The varicose veins that you can see are likely only part of the issue. For most patients, there is a whole network of diseased veins not visible from the outside. Yet if you don’t treat this network, it can still cause pain or lead to visible veins reappearing, so we use ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy to treat these unseen veins.

In 2001, ETVC opened as the first clinical practice dedicated entirely to the treatment of varicose vein disease in the state of Tennessee. We specialized exclusively in vein treatment years before most current vein treatments were even available.

We have taken pains to gain those certifications which reflect an ongoing dedication to the treatment of vein disease including being recognized as diplomates of the newly formed American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine in 2008.

What Are Varicose Veins

Varicose veins affect 30-40% of the population and occur when the one-way valves that are meant to pump blood from the legs and feet toward the heart weaken. When this happens, blood is allowed to pool in the veins. Over time the pooled blood builds pressure, and the veins swell, which may cause symptoms such as leg swelling, aching, heaviness, burning, throbbing, or pain. Without treatment, the condition may grow worse over time.

Get Treatment For Your Varicose Veins

ETVC has multiple treatment options for vein disorders to make you feel better and look better. For 20 years, our clinic has helped patients like you!


This safe and simple procedure involves no surgery or scarring and 97% of first-time treatments are successful

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This procedure is a non-invasive method to clear any veins not treated by EVLT.

Foam Sclerotherapy

This procedure is used to cure even large varicose veins or veins that have resurfaced after a previous surgery.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

This quick procedure is the go to for treating surface level vein disorders like spider veins.

Our treatments are performed by licensed medical professionals and most patients see improvement in as little two visits. Please speak with our staff to set expectations for your results.

About the Founder

Dr. Douglass practiced phlebology from 2001 until his retirement in 2021. He opened the first full-time practice dedicated to vein treatment in the state of Tennessee. In 2008, Dr. Douglass was recognized as a charter member of the first 200 diplomates of the newly formed American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

Because of his forward thinking and love for helping patients, East Tennessee Vein Clinic was opened and continues to serve the people of Tennessee.

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