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East Tennessee Vein Clinic
1344 Dowell Springs Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37909
Phone: (865) 686-0507


EVLT -Endovenous Laser Treatment
Ambulatory Phlebectomy (Microphlebectomy)
Endovenous Chemical Ablation


EVLT - Endovenous Laser Treatment

At East Tennessee Vein Clinic Dr. Douglass uses the most advanced technologies to safely and effectively treat even the largest varicose veins. This includes using endovenous laser treatment which is simply placing a laser catheter inside the varicose vein and then using laser energy to seal the varicose vein shut. Dr. Douglass decides on an individual basis which types of treatment would best serve a patient depending on the ultrasound map examination of the venous system.


Remember life before bulging, twisted varicose veins? You can have that freedom again with the EVLT procedure. Tens of millions of people — up to 40% of women and 25% of men — suffer from this condition. Traditionally, painful surgery was the best treatment option. Now there’s safe, fast, and comfortable EVLT.

With EVLT, there is no scarring. I am very pleased with the results.”
Demetra H., EVLT patient




Eliminate unsightly varicose veins at the source*. The twisted bulging that causes discomfort and embarrassment results from faulty valves in the veins.

As blood flows through your veins to the heart, stop valves are supposed to prevent the blood from flowing backwards as gravity pulls it down. If the valves don’t close properly, blood pools in the vein, forcing the walls to enlarge and bulge out.

  • EVLT uses targeted laser energy to seal the vein shut and help you look and feel better fast.
  • Treatment in less than an hour
  • Performed in the office of Dr. Douglass
  • Immediate relief of symptoms
  • Return to normal activity immediately –with little or no pain
  • No anesthesia or hospitalization
  • No scars

“During the EVLT procedure, I reallydid feel no pain at all. After the procedure I dressed myself and went back to work.” Sal S., EVLT patient


*Approved for the treatment of varicose veins and varicosities associated with superficial reflux of the greater saphenous vein.


EVLT is a quick, minimally invasive laser procedure that leaves no scar and can be performed in your doctor’s office. The treatment takes less than one hour. Here’s what to expect:

  • Dr. Douglass uses ultrasound to map out the diseased and normal venous network in your leg.
  • Local anesthetic is applied.
  • A thin laser fiber is inserted through a tiny entrypoint, usually near the knee.
  • Laser energy is delivered to seal the faulty vein.
  • Walking immediately after the procedure is encouraged. Normal daily activity can be resumed (just avoid rigorous activities, such as gym workouts).
  • There may be minor soreness and bruising. Any discomfort can be treated with over-thecounter, non-aspirin pain relievers as needed.


How does the EVLT work?
The laser energy damages the vein walls, shrinking them and closing the faulty vein so that the blood cannot flow through it. This eliminates vein bulging at its source.

Is loss of this vein a problem?
No. After treatment, the blood in the faulty veins will be diverted to the many normal veins in the leg.

What are the complications of this procedure?
The only minimal complications experienced with EVLT have been a small number of cases of numbness that passes quickly.

Am I at risk from the laser?
No. Just as a precaution against accidental firing of laser energy outside the body, you will be given a pair of special glasses to protect your eyes.

How successful is EVLT?
97% of first-time EVLT treatments are successful!

“EVLT is a tremendously safe and effective procedure.”
Robert Min, M.D.
Founder & Director of Cornell Vascular
Assistant Professor of Vascular
Interventional Radiology
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Ambulatory Phlebectomy (Microphlebectomy)

Microphlebectomy is performed when there are large visibly bulging varicose veins that persist after endovenous laser ablation.  These veins are typically too tortuous for an endovenous catheter to pass through them and so they are treated 2-4 weeks after the laser ablation.  The vein is anesthetized locally, and then a small needle puncture over the vein is made; at which time a "knitting hook" type instrument grasps the vein through the needle puncture and the bulging portion of the vein is pulled through the puncture.  The patient only feels pressure.  No scalpel is used and no stitches are needed.  A bandage is placed on the leg which is removed two days later and most of the visible veins will have disappeared.  A compression stocking is worn for one week.  There is usually no visible scar.

Endovenous Chemical Ablation

ECA: Endovenous Chemical Ablation is a highly specialized technique pioneered in Europe and now used worldwide in the treatment of varicose vein disease. The procedure involves first doing an ultrasound map of the entire diseased venous network so that sources hidden in the skin are located. Then, under direct ultrasound visualization, a foamed sclerosant is injected into the diseased veins. This causes the diseased veins to close down immediately, and over time, the veins narrow to a fibrous thread which is invisible since it is beneath the skin.

EVLT and Endovenous Chemical Ablation:
  • allow treatment of even the largest varicose veins without surgery.
  • permit treatment of varicose veins that have recurred after prior surgery.
  • require no general or spinal anesthetic or narcotic pain medications.
  • leave no scar.
  • require minimal down time. Patients resume their normal activities quickly.
  • are performed entirely as an outpatient treatment in Dr. Douglass' offic

The procedure is exceptionally safe when performed in the hands of physicians trained and thoroughly experienced with the technique. Dr. Douglass is one of the most experienced physicians in the Knoxville area to perform these types of treatment.